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My name is Dawn, owner of Igugu Beads.

I'm so happy you're here!

JEWELRY communicates our personalities, moods, and attitudes.
It is an outward expression of who we are.
Share yourself with others.

Who am I?

IN ADDITION to a passion for all creatures wild and domestic, I love the warm sun kissing my face, my four-legged fur baby, my man, good food & better beer, long walks meditating with John Denver, amphibious adventures + making a difference.

Find your peace

CREATING brings me peace. I’m most serene while dabbling in creative endeavors … designing jewelry, doodling (I created my logo during a day-long meeting!), or simply stacking pebbles.

The beginning ...

EIGHTEEN YEARS ago, while teaching 6th graders at Cuyamaca Outdoor School, my friend “Mama Bear” and I were utilizing thematic teaching techniques – inspired by the show Survivor – to engage our students.

... the middle ...

Our logo included a cheetah. One day, while wandering through a major retail store, I spotted plastic cheetah beads. I was beadazzled! With those beads I designed Survivor immunity necklaces for each group.

... and there's no end!

Over the years, I’ll have to admit I’ve become a beadaholic.
I wish there was a 12-step program for that ; )
Now I have an entire wall full of beads. No kidding.

Teachers rule!

MANY THANKS to the awesome and dedicated visiting classroom teachers I have met over the years! They are my best clients, inspiring fabulous ideas including my very own LanLace: lanyard by day and necklace for play.

What's next?

AFTER six more years in the Cuyamaca Outdoor School office controlling 400+ students – on paper, I happily retired June 2018 to play full time with my beads. Hooray!

Combining passions

The SAN DIEGO ZOO, where I also worked for many years, changed my life. Since retiring, my focus is now on two passions in my life: designing jewelry + animal conservation. I’d love for you to join me! Bead Wild. Save the Wild.

Follow your pleasure

LIFE is short.
Do what makes you happy.
Wear what makes you feel good.

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