Left the Zoo. What Do I Do?

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Left the Zoo. What Do I Do?

Write a poem, of course!

My last day as a tour guide at the World-Famous San Diego Zoo was on July 12, 2017.

I liked a lot of the people there, but one of my favorites was Drew. Drew has a flair for drama (literally….he does a wicked “Helen Reddy” — in drag!)

Drew said he was going to miss me, especially on Saturdays. For years, during the school year (when I am at Cuyamaca Outdoor School), I worked at the Zoo on Saturdays. Drew almost always let me clock in early so I could work on the Zoo’s Excel files. But oftentimes, I was tasked with other things (see poem’s “quotes” from Drew….with poetic license).

So, I woke up this Saturday, just a few weeks after I left the Zoo. I decided to sit down and write Drew a poem.

Just a few notes for clarification:

  • EPS is the employee parking structure.
  • The dock is where we loaded the double-decker buses (full of queues for people….like Disneyland).
  • Drew always asked me to hit the Print button when he was doing a double-sided worksheet. AND, he ALWAYS uses recycled paper.
  • I left them an Excel manual that I wrote that explains all of the files that I worked on.
  • DTs are “Discovery Tours” (not what you thought!). I loved doing the little private tours on the electric cart. I got to entertain (with really bad animal jokes) people from around the world.
  • Dawn “M” because there were two Dawn’s at the Zoo. I left the Zoo and then came back. I was demoted to being the Dawn with the Last Initial.

And here’s the poem. I know, I know…. don’t quit your day job. 😉

A Poem for Drew Called Not at the Zoo

The Zoo once had a girl named Dawn,
But from the Zoo she is now gone.
Saturday’s here, she is not there…
Drew sits there crying, in despair!

In the EPS … I’m not.
Start at 8, no, I cannot.
You don’t see me, but I’m not late.
A day off for me, WOW, that’s great!

Does Drew miss me, could it be?
“Can you press the Print Me key?”
“Did you hear the latest news?”
“Open the dock, please, if you choose.

“A manual I left for you,
Excel at it, I dare you to!
Hopefully, it all goes fine,
Consulting fees are paid in wine.

The Zoo has been a lovely friend,
The peeps, the food, the laughs don’t end.
I’ll be by someday this year.
And in the Zoo, I’ll drink a beer.

That’s all I have to say today.
My day off, I’m on my way!
No tours, no dock, nor two DTs,
I’ll just do as I damn well please!

Love, Dawn (no M)

And there you have it. My separation is complete.

Photo credit: San Diego Zoo

by | Oct 19, 2017


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