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is a Zulu word that translates to treasure, jewel, favorite, or novelty.

The Zulu language evokes the spirit of Africa. To us, this inspires images of the immense biodiversity on that vast continent. The marvelous megafauna of the savannas, forests, grasslands, and fynbos are under attack, which is why we are giving back to wildlife conservation.

If we all work together to help save the larger iconic animals from extinction, all of the other creatures (and plants) benefit.

It is indeed, a circle of life.

Igugu Beads

Igugu Logo Design

We designed this logo to pay homage to that great charismatic creature – the elephant.

We design unique handcrafted pieces so you can

Bead Wild and Save the Wild

Let us help you explore your wild side.

Each quarter, we will donate five percent of profits to animal wild conservation. Now, here is the cool part! You get to pick which organization you would like to see get the funds. Do you like elephants? How about giraffe? Perhaps you are into marine life. Or maybe you are crazy about orangutans. You pick.

Bead Wild. Save the Wild.

When you check out, you will be given an opportunity to choose which organization is close to your heart. We know, there are so many great places, so maybe yours isn’t here. We have to keep the choices down to help make a difference. And no, the cost is not passed on to you. It is simply our way of giving back.

Help Us Support Your Favorite Animal

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Humane Society

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