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What Does “Igugu” Mean?

What Does “Igugu” Mean?



is a Zulu word that translates to treasure, jewel, favorite, or novelty.

The Zulu language evokes the spirit of Africa. To us, this inspires images of the immense biodiversity on that vast continent. The marvelous megafauna of the savannas, forests, grasslands, and fynbos are under attack, which is why we are giving back to wildlife conservation.

If we all work together to help save the larger iconic animals from extinction, all of the other creatures (and plants) benefit.

It is indeed, a circle of life.

Igugu Logo Design

We designed this logo to pay homage to those great charismatic creatures – the elephant and the giraffe.

If you look closely, you will discover a “secret” in the logo.

Figure it out, drop us a line, receive a treat!

Bead Wild. Save the Wild.